How can I run Android apps "natively" (without starting up Google's emulator)

Phones come and go, and I have had my same Fedora laptop through them all. It sure would be nice to use some of those Android apps on my laptop and just back them up with rsync with the rest of my home folder.

The only current solution for this afaik is anbox which tends to be rather rough to set up. If you do have an Android phone, my recommendation would be to try to use the integrated backup system, or if you have games, see if they have Play Games sync. Failing that, if the device is rooted, you could configure e.g. Swift Backup to backup on schedule.

For the record, the official Android emulator does store the AVD files in your home directory.


Although this question is answered, it also seems like this should be an evolving topic with multiple perspectives. Is posting a comment sufficient to keep this question alive in this forum?

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