How can i firejail Firefox on Fedora Silverblue

  1. install firejail uisng rpm-ostree install firejail
  2. run firecfg as root
    and Firefox says its profile is missing or something like that.
    please help …
    Thanks !!

I cannot help you using firejail, but depending on what you would like to achieve you could think about using the firefox flatpak. Flatpaks can also be restricted rather strongly.

For example, you can install the firefox flatpak from flathub using flatpak install flathub org.mozilla.firefox and then check it’s permissions using flatpak info --show-permissions org.mozilla.firefox. There you will see that firefox is already quite restricted in what it can access. If you want to further restrict filesystem access for example, you can use flatpak override --nofilesystem PATH org.mozilla.firefox.


rather i love to stick with local firejail + dns encryption + tor and mac changer .
thanks …