How can I delete my account?

I would like to have my account completely deleted, but don’t see the option for this. Could an administrator please advise how to do this, or action the delete for me.


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We can’t delete your Fedora Project account, but we can remove or anonymize your account on this site.

Completely deleting an account is disruptive, as it breaks threads and possibly removes posts that are helping people. If possible, we prefer to anonymize the account, which gives a random name like anon94644276 but preserves the history. It’s still your content, but no longer attributed to your name/username.

If this is okay with you, please request that instead of complete deletion. (If it’s mostly okay but there are one or two specific posts you’d like removed, please flag those separately).

To request this please use the flag button to report one of your own posts and request anonymization or deletion. (If you post a reply here, we’ll handle that too and delete the reply so it’s not just a thread of anonymous people asking for deletion.)

If you need your whole Fedora Account deactivated, please file an Fedora Personal Data Request ticket. If you would like to request broader data removal related to your information, please see our Privacy Policy.

We (the Fedora Project) can remove records for legal compliance reasons if need be, but please remember that in general, this is an open source, transparent, public project. The record of our members and what they’ve contributed is inherently important to the way that all works.

Note: if you want to change your username, see



Would you please remove my account here as well.

Thank you.