[Help Wanted] Fedora 31 Talking Points

Hi team,

I’m Alberto Rodríguez, and I’m here in the behalf of the Marketing team. As you should know, we prepare a lists of highlights about each release, called Talking Points:

Talking points are key highlights of the new release. There are different types of talking points for different types of people: general desktop users/everyone, developers, and sysadmins. They are meant to provide a short, effective answer to the question "What cool stuff is in the latest release of Fedora?" They are compelling, not necessarily comprehensive

This points help us, as Marketing team, as well to Ambassadors, to publicize each release with the news and cool stuff.

For this matter and this release, we have this wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_31_talking_points and we will be happy to include the new things in Fedora 31

You can help us in both ways:

  1. Editing the wiki directly with the points.
  2. Throwing us the list, and we will put them in the wiki.

Thanks in advance for your help and for your efforts.

Best Regards


hi @bt0dotninja,

I would definitely reach out to Christian Schaller he did a good write up on GNOME blogs of some highlight features coming to Fedora 31.


I think the Gnome update should be touted. Even in the testing version it’s much peppier and feels lightweight and responsive.

Personally, I think the KDE Plasma updates should be touted. KMail (the entire
akonadi suite, in fact) is much more stable after updating.

John M. Harris, Jr.

As someone that’s very interested in Fedora Silverblue, but not yet using it as I’ve been waiting for it to mature first, I’d love to get more information about the state of it with version 31. More than anything else, I’d like to know if the GNOME suite is installed out of the box (preferably as Flatpaks), unlike the barebones state Fedora Silverblue was in last time I tried it.

I’m very much of the opposite opinion. I use Silverblue for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that it doesn’t come with all the unnecessary software packaged with workstation.I’d much rather add the programs I use than remove all the ones someone else decided I might need, but I wouldn’t mind a deluxe version with a lot of bundled flatpaks as long as they kept the bare bones one too.

As for the current state of 31 it seems like there are a lot of issues with podman/buildah/toolbox at the moment, so since those are pretty integral to Silverblue’s ease of use I’d recommend sticking to 30 for now, but Gnome 3.34 is really nice.