Help needed for setting up RDP connection from Fedora 34 to Win 10 via OpenVPN

I was trying to setup a connection into a Windows 10 workstation with an existing RDP file and the nessesary keys that I used before on Windows 10. I imported the files on the Gnome Settings menu:

It looked good because the keys were directly imported but somehow it after enabling VPN it gets immediately disabled


Unfortunately, the Wiki page didn’t really help me. My suggestion is that I need to install something or enable VPN somehow but I couldn’t find anything about it. It’s a bit confusing to me because OpenVPN is already shown in the settings so I don’t know what is needed.

I am a beginner using Fedora since a few weeks - so I couldn’t even find the right place where the log files are located. I am happy for any help here.

Thank you a lot in advance!

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is it selinux problem? maybe

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This might give you an overview how to check logfiles.


You need to import the OVPN profile to NetworkManager.
Make sure to store the keys and certs in a specific location and repair SELinux labels:

RDP is a different protocol, you can import the RDP profile to Remmina.

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Thank you for the helo @ilikelinux @vgaetera ! Will have a read through

and your links as well. Doesn’t look so straight forward as I expected :slight_smile:

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Are there any easy to understand SELinux tutorials? I can’t find anything. The documentation is for my level a bit too technical…

Although the problem is related to SELinux, it doesn’t require deep understanding.
It should just work if you carefully follow the instructions given above.

I made a somewhat basic one a long time ago that may be of use.

That being said, I’m also wondering why you don’t have a modified MTU when you’re configuring a VPN connection. My first instinct would be to set it to 1300 to confirm you’re not getting packet fragmentation.

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Thanks everyone, post #3 was the solution that the connection was the solution. Not the network connection doesn’t stop immediately. I used the path


Do I need to add the RDP file to SELinux as well? I still can’t get a connection. It’s working fine on my Windows partition.

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NetworkManager launches VPN clients in an explicitly isolated context.
Meanwhile, RDP clients should run unconfined in the current user context.

Does it mean the keys are in a wrong location? Or what should I do?

Verify that the client can reach the RDP port on the server:

nmap -sV -p port host 

Make sure the detected service version matches the server side.