Heic photos thumbnails possible?

On F39 gnome files does not show thumbnails on photo.heic files from iphone.
Photo app opens them normally. Show thumbnails on all files is on in preferences.
Can i do something about it?

Maybe install the appropriate heic codecs. I think they are included in one of the following packages. Probably the last since that is an apple codec.

heif-pixbuf-loader       @fedora
libheif                  @fedora
libheif-freeworld        @rpmfusion-free
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only was missing from my system but it did not make a difference

Apparently the thumbnailer (/usr/share/thumbnailers/heif.thumbnailer) is in libheif-tools. That package plus libheif-freeworld should work.


libheif-tools installed and that worked! Thanks!