Heads up! New outgoing email address for Fedora Discussion notifications

Hey everyone. Right now, notifications from this site come from fedoraproject@discoursemail.com. This is changing soon to notifications@fedoraproject.discoursemail.com — this should help with problems where these are getting rejected as spam by big email providers.

I’d hoped that we could move to the enterprise hosting plan soon and have these coming from a Fedora domain, but that’s going more slowly than I’d like, and Discourse can’t put off the change much longer from their side.

If you’re filtering on this, time to adjust. Sorry for the disruption.

Update, May 6 2022: this is now live.


Can you, or know of someone that can, help?

I have been running a Fedora 37 on a Pine64, with no problems, but recently, I had a cockup, so I am left trying to rebuild it.

I can’t find a Fedora build that boots on the device.

I have downloaded a build from Fedora Alternate Architectures

Is this the correct build ?

I also have seen this site Architectures/ARM - Fedora Project Wiki

Where would I get the correct build?

I will try this next Pine A64 Software Release - PINE64, but it results in a Fedora 32, not the Fedora 37 I was running?

Any help will be appreciated!


Roger Moore.

Okay thank you

Roger, this question would be best at https://ask.fedoraproject.org.

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