Group sudo with gid 1001

I just noticed there’s a group sudo with the gid 1001. What’s its purpose? Fedora uses wheel for sudoers AFAIK.

I ask because I just migrated users with uid/gid 1001/1001 from Ubuntu to Fedora and had to change the user’s gid because of that. I’d have expected for system groups to get IDs below 1000, though.

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The sudo group doesn’t exist by default in Fedora. It looks like it was created later with the groupadd command, as it has a GID of 1001 (if you don’t specify a GID when adding a group with the groupadd command, the default is to use the smallest ID value greater than or equal to GID_MIN and greater than any other group, which is most likely 1001 since your user’s group will have a GID of 1000).