Granular update Control for Fedora

Fedora is leading edge, semi-rolling distro. It is actually good one. But when looking at Ubuntu or OpenSUSE, I could see an Applet by each of the distros.

That helps the user to decide how the updates are applied to their system granulary over Type and time.

What I would like to propose is an update Center outside of the Software Center (GNOME software and KDE Discover, etc) more like “Software Update settings” which replicate those of either Ubuntu’s or SUSE’s.

Where the users decides what to be priortized on daily intervals such as Security updates and other Bug fixes, feature updates on the Weekends as the end user’s needs.

This way, Fedora could be leading edge and also provide Granular control like LTS. If support for kernel ends, then push it to the security update (If that matters, considering most users would update the system over week if this is available automatically as per the settings).

This could be awkward and many of the Forum Members will be furious about this and say consider setting a cron job/systemd timer and yada yada.

But this way, Atleast a user can control and do the updates their way, Actual control over to the user than dumping it, A better improvement, I would say. This way, Users are patched even though if they haven’t updated the system for other things such as Bug fixes and enhancements.

P.S. I am making this proposal to ensure how is this idea welcomed before I am going to write a Change Proposal.