Gparted dependencies

Hello, I noticed that when installing gparted, also (I think) rather unrelated packages like gnome-bluetooth, mutter, gdm, … will get installed, because they are listed as dependency. I don’t think this is correct. What would be the best place to report this?

And is there a way to prevent these dependencies from getting installed? I tried --setopt install_weak_deps=false but it didn’t help in this case. Thank you!

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Do you have a polkit agent installed? Because PolicyKit-authentication-agent is a dependency of gparted and that may cause to try to install some polkit agent whose dependencies are the ones you listed above.

Good question

PolicyKit-authentication-agent is a feature name which can be provided by one of these packages.


You should install the one matching your desktop environment.

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Ok, this seems likely - I have installed a polkit-agent in the meantime, and now gparted does not have all those dependencies anymore. Is there a quick way I could see this “dependency tree” myself, so that in future situations I would know which package introduces all those dependencies? Thank you for your help

sudo dnf rq --deplist packagename
Produces a list of dependencies and what package provides them.

sudo dnf rq --requires packagename
Produces a list of the capabilities a package depends on

sudo dnf rq --requires packagename --resolve
adding --resolve, resolves the capaiblity to a package name.

ref: DNF Command Reference — dnf latest documentation

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Gparted isn’t the best GUI utility … try gnome-disk-utility with many features in top right corner button. LVM or BTRFS console command options go much further than Gparted with many online tips or simply man console command. A good ressource is Fedora Documentation : [Fedora Documentation :: Fedora Docs].