Google Chrome: Failed network error

Google Chrome “Failed network error” when trying to donwload a file is a “popular” error, but none of the fixes I found on the Internet (remove extensions, clear history or wipe user data entirely, change Download directory) worked for me.

My problem seems to occur only when a PDF file is opened in a pop-up Chrome window, not when the PDF file is opened in the main window. The size of the file doesn’t matter.

I can reproduce this problem using a proprietary ERP software, so I cannot ask you to reproduce it. I should find some webpage which opens a PDF in a pop-up window and see if I can reproduce the error. But I haven’t found it yet.

I tested both Google Chrome and Chromium, both as flatpak.

Any tip to debug it?

Yes, do not use the flatpak! It is not necessary!

Google chrome installs for me from the google repo and works on all versions of fedora (except possibly silverblue) without the extra headache of using the flatpak.

I’m using Silverblue so I want to use the flatpak.

I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem using Google Chrome RPM package.

Since it’s a flatpak, I wonder if it has something to do with “sandboxing;” although, I’m not sure why it would do that. Are you trying to download to an “odd” location?

Yeah, you did not mention silverblue so installing from the rpm is probably not possible.

I’ve just installed chromium RPM package inside a toolbox container and I can reproduce exactly the same problem.
I’m using ~/Downloads as download directory, so it’s not an odd location.

I think I can say that it’s not about flatpak, it’s not about wrong personal settings in my home (as I started from scratch). It may be related to Wayland? Because the error occurs in the pop up window, not the main one.

Two particulars I forgot to add:

  1. The website I’m accessing is not using https
  2. The network error occurs only the first time I try to download the PDF. When I click on Resume the download works correctly.

That’s weird, indeed… Does it happen with any other browsers?

It doesn’t happen with Firefox or Epiphany.

On Epiphany I noticed that it opens a custom javascript (?) file (from the ERP I’m connecting to):

Perhaps Chrome has some security check which blocks it?