GNOME 45 Test Week begins today!

Hey Folks,

As most of you might know, with each new release of Fedora, we get a
new GNOME and that means this is the time to test GNOME 45’s new
features. GNOME 45 test week begins today. During the course of next
week, we will have 14-17 reserved for testing the Desktop and the Core
Apps [0] and the rest for testing GNOME Apps that need extensive

As always, you can submit results for respective test days in [2] and
[3]. The development folks and QE folks come from different time zones
and will be available on Martix/element chatrooms as much as possible.

[0] Test Day:2023-08-14 Fedora 39 GNOME 45 Desktop and Core Apps - Fedora Project Wiki
[1] Test Day:2023-08-18 Fedora 39 GNOME 45 Apps - Fedora Project Wiki
[3]F39 Gnome 45 Apps