Gjs-console killed by SIGABRT

I presently have some applications sourced from the fedora repository, one of which called “Foliate”

The application crashes after about 2 mins, and reports back

*gjs-console killed by SIGABRT*

This seems to be a gnome issue rather than an application problem.

doing some further reading into the RHEL bugs which are identical it relates to a very old bug in fedora 28. I am running Fedora 37.

Did you happen to see this

I did a quick search for the error you posted and found several recent posts that are of course related to similar problems on much newer OSes than F28.

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thank you @computersavvy
yes actually i did see that but i thought it seems to be unrelated as its not happening when the system wakes up and appears to be unrelated.

i read through it and couldnt see the correlation.

I thought perhaps it could be somehow related to my display server I am using.

I switched to x-org perhaps that causing an issue?

It seems a gnome issue.

I tried to do a bug report but it used all my memory and then crashed my system when I did a back trace/dump