Gdb internal error

Hi everyone, when I use gdb attaching a process to debug a python mixed with C++ program, it gets the following error:

../../gdb/jit.c:1278: internal-error: void jit_event_handler(gdbarch*, objfile*): Assertion `jiter->jiter_data != nullptr' failed.
A problem internal to GDB has been detected,
further debugging may prove unreliable.

It seems that there is a bug in fedora 34 gdb-10.2.3, I find a patch which might be used for gdb, and I follow this instruction to apply this change, but it still doesn’t work. so anyone can give some advice about how to fix this, Thanks!

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Hi @hermanhe , welcome to the forum. Please do take a look at the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you’ve not had a chance to do so yet.

I think for something as advanced as gdb, your best bet is probably to file a bug so that you can speak to the maintainer/developers directly:

The bug may already be filed too. Worth looking here:

GDB Bug List

Hi @ankursinha , thanks for your help, I will try to file a bug.

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