Forget LUKS passphrase

Hello, I forget my LUKS passphrase. Is there any other option beside installing new OS?
I thought of removing only the affected partition, but is it possible? If yes, how to do so?

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Can you boot from a live USB and post the output of lsblk command?

I use camera to post here since I do not have clue to copy the result from terminal in emergency mode.

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If sda1 and sda2 is your efi and boot partitions and sda3 is your LUKS container which includes both system and user’s home directories (I forgot to mention -f option to lsblk command in the above reply, which would show filesystem information and would print crypto_LUKS for the LUKS container), you need to wipe sda3. If you didn’t backup your LUKS header somewhere else, it is not possible to recover a lost LUKS password.

Yes, crypto_LUKS is stated in sda3. How to wipe my sda3 then?

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Just perform a new installation using the whole disk.