Fix boot partition on Silverblue?

I was having trouble with a fwupd update, so I manually moved files in boot partition.

While the firmware update worked successfully, now Secure Boot fails. After disabling SecureBoot the laptop is working fine. But I want to re-enable Secure Boot.

What is the easiest way to fix or rebuild the EFI boot partition on Silverblue so that I can reenable SecureBoot? Any pointers appreciated.

I saw this doc, however, it isn’t compatible with Silverblue since the root partition does not directly expose any binaries (they are in ostree), let alone DNF.

I could also use some guidance on this topic. I installed Silverblue with Secure Boot enabled, but it shows as disabled in the privacy settings.

This sounds like a potential fwupd issue to me, I’d file an issue ticket upstream and go from there.

Originally, I believe it was a fwupd issue.

But then I took actions to attempt a workaround based off of a forum post which described the same issue.

It included: backing up and deleting the BOOT and Fedora EFI shim, performing fwupd update on the USB hub (which now ran successfully), and then restoring the EFI files.

However, after a reboot, it looks like SecureBoot could detect the changes were performed. I believe SecureBoot is working as expected due to my changes performed in the EFI.

Preferably, I am looking for a way to reset the state of SecureBoot. Or reformat the boot and boot/efi partitions, possibly via Anaconda. But I have not found a straight forward way to do that without a clean install.

Bootupd is what is intended to solve this in the future in Fedora Silverblue but it was pushed to F39

The best workaround though seems to be this: Use bootupd and remove ostree-grub2 (was: All deployments are shown twice in grub) · Issue #120 · fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker · GitHub

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Thank you! This appears to be the same issue I encountered!

I’ll try this solution this week and report back.


sudo rpm-ostree usroverlay
sudo rpm -i --reinstall shim-x64-15.6-2.x86_64.rpm

Hopefully I can make time and add this to the Silverblue Docs on the troubleshooting page.

I would guess that the reason this didn’t work is because the fwupd dbx update marked the shim you had been using as insecure and started blocking it.

When you made a backup of your current shim, it was of the insecure version, as rpm-ostree was unable to update it to the new version.

Now, you should have both the updated dbx as well as the updated shim, so that is why it works.

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