Firefox security error code

I’ve been having TLS cert issues with Firefox ever since upgrading from Fedora 30 to 31. I thought I fixed the issue by running update-ca-trust, but after I updated my system, I still get issues for common websites that should be trusted (e.g.,

The particular certificate authority that’s causing problems is DigiCert Global Root CA.

I get the following error:

Software is Preventing Firefox From Safely Connecting to This Site is most likely a safe site, but a secure connection could not be established. This issue is caused by DigiCert Global Root CA, which is either software on your computer or your network.

I don’t have this problem with Chrome.

How can I troubleshoot or fix what’s going on?

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It seems a problem happening on other distros as well (then related to Firefox)

There is also an issue opened on bugzilla:


This command is relevant for system CA trusts, but Firefox had its own CA trusts separate from the system last time I used it.