Firefox hardware acceleration

Hi, i have noticed an high cpu usage when playing youtube videos on Firefox (e.g. ).
There are two processes that take a lot of cpu usage percentage:

  • “RDD Process” about 70% of cpu
  • “Isolated Web co” about 20% of cpu

Am i using hardware acceleration on firefox or not? How can i check?

I’m on Fedora Gnome with a Macbook Air M1 8Gb and latest edge kernel installed


You are not. Asahi does not currently support hardware-accelerated video decoding at all.

That said, I see better battery life when playing YouTube videos on my M2 Air running Asahi without hardware video decoding, than on my Ryzen 6800U laptop with hardware video decoding.

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Note that this is about video decode hardware acceleration. The actual web content rendering does use GPU acceleration (WebRender) in Firefox. The GPU is fully supported, but video decode is completely separate hardware that isn’t yet.


Thank you for clarifications