Fedora Workstation Front Page Revamp (first cut, looking for feedback!)

I think it looks great. The only suggestion that I can come up with would be to “doctor” the fantastic apps screenshot so that more popular apps are highlighted. I think Steam is a great choice for the main app. But I think I’d cheat a little with the screenshot and overlay different thumbnails in the “Editor’s choice” section. Pick apps that people are more likely to want to try out. I’m thinking of things like LibreOffice, Firefox, GIMP, InkScape, Kria, etc. I wouldn’t waste the space with two email applications or a sticky note application. Just my 2¢.



I did not wish to appear to critical, overall I really like the new direction and look that the the page may be taking.

And yes this is nice and clear :slight_smile:

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Oh no worries I think I didnt set the context appropriately :slight_smile:

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You need to increase the contrast on the white-on-green text. It fails every accessibility test for legibility!

What will it look like on narrow-screens/mobile?

It’s not a web page, it’s an SVG embedded in a web page. I’d be surprised if automated tools like that work on it.

In ‘workstation speaks your language’ tagline, I wonder if you can change the top languages in settings and represent them in order of significance or statistically relevant criteria such as.

  • top 9 -10 spoken languages in the world
  • for fairness, let’s consider one main language group, not the variant: instead of British English, Hindi may be more representative in the top 9 segments. Why is the Portuguese missing out?

In India, they have to learn Linux as the main OS. Every school/college computer uses Linux as the default one. If combined with Bengali/Urdu (both are top 10 languages), they deserve their place.

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I don’t know how to provide positive feedback. So everything below is just critics - feel free to skip if you don’t like it. :poop:

For me “The leading Linux desktop.” text looks desperate without some solid prooflinks. At least that content would be problematic on Wikipedia. Fedora is currently 9th on Distrowatch, but the point is that bragging about being the leader is kind of unfriendly to me. I use at least Fedora (GNOME) and Ubuntu (i3) daily and not because it is “leading” or something. It is because they are free and fast enough to run the browser with some sources. If the goal of this page is to sell Fedora to business people, then I would just directly market this as “Fedora Workstation. Ready for business. Open to the core.”.

I would say the page looks like pretty much like standard bootstrap design, like any other standard marketing landing. I am not saying it is good or bad. Maybe there should be a distro with such landing pages. In the end it is not some crypto project with to the moon design budgets .

The part about reviews is also dubious. Very consumer like. Maybe I am mixing the project and the product, but I don’t see how they are separated either.

Being a maker is more important than being a consumer.

Some quick comments.

should definitely carry functional button to change to night mode. Just to demonstrate that it is all open and customizable.


I fell strange that personal productivity is mixed with hardware productivity. Saving energy and being environmental friendly seems more important.

Then it feels kind of awkward mixing recreational Steam and workrelated Boxes in one block. Maybe I am missing familiar UX roles or activities. Or maybe I want to see a mix of them. Turning off fantasy blocker I would probably place a character generator on the front page, and after people describe what they want to do daily, suggest them how to play that business with Fedora.

To end up with procrastination I should thank you for the pleasure. Somebody told me that it is important to dilute critics with positive feedback. :smiley:

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Please click the provided link. It’s the foreground/background color combination that’s the problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s SVG, HTML, or a PNG.

You can adjust the colors in the test with the provided sliders to see what changes are needed to meet different accessibility tests for small and large text.

Hi Hanku, I am somewhat restricted in what GNOME’s UI offers - the two choices I had here was to take a screenshot of a few top languages, or many languages in alpha order. I opted for the latter thinking a longer list would better make the point than a shorter one. Do you think it would be better to have a shorter list of languages that are perhaps more commonly used (or have better translation %, I don’t know the metric. It may even be geo location based?) or better to have a longer list in alpha order?

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Hey, cool thanks. As posted elsewhere (and noted in OP) there’s contrast issues and we’re iterating on addressing them. Thanks!

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Hello Máirín, ok, understood it is set by the GNOME. It may not be something we have to change for the sake of revamping. Probably I need to offer my feedback during i18n test week with a focus on testing internationalization features.

Playing devil’s advocate :slight_smile: , my point is;
I’m more inclined to alpha order, which is straightforward. If it is so, it should start with A, so Afrikaans. But it is kind of mixed now. The list shows mixed results;

  • languages shown in alphabetic characters from D (Deutsch) to F (Francais): I guess it is geocoded? It is kind of makes sense for someone who set up the system in Europe. Much better than other OS where I have to scroll down indefinitely from A.
  • non-Indo European language groups, which appear (not sure) in order of most used languages as they can’t be sorted in alpha order. Just curious how it is sorted.

In an answer to the length of lists, I see no problem with listed values, currently 9. Thanks!

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I confess I have not read all the comments here. So sorry if I repeat what was already said.

First of all: This looks fantastic. Consider my further comments nit-picks.

Suggestion: make that window actually use the dark/night style?

Fedora OS

Confusion: This says Fedora OS but mentions DNF. It confuses me. First of all, we don’t really use the term Fedora OS anywhere else. But even if this said Fedora Linux or something else, the relation with dnf seems odd here. What is the message this is trying to tell?

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The OS thing is my awkward phrasing… the thing I was going for with that block of three… DNF => Boxes => Podman was to highlight the layer at which the tool operated => Base OS => Virt Machine => Container - Maybe just drop the OS. It on first cut said “Fedora / Operating System Level” but I thought the text was too long.

What do you think with that context?

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I’ve also changed the repeated text on the button, but consider the exact wording just a placeholder.

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Thanks for working on this, Máirín! It looks really good, and does a good job of leading a visitor through the content. Now that we’ve got a first draft I’m happy to help with the text as we get more feedback.

Regarding the page design, I wonder if it could do with some stronger visual differentiation between the different sections. Right now the page structure blurs into one a bit, as you scroll.

One challenge with the page design is the different styles of the logos - they don’t look great next to each other in all cases. That might require some thought.

We’ll need to update a bunch of the screenshots - some of those are out of date. I can help with that.


I actually would prefer this go to a landing split page with two paths: a path to get hardware with Fedora pre-installed and another path to download to put on your own machines.

Offhand, I know that we have a few OEMs preloading Fedora Linux on their machines. Notably, we have Lenovo and Slimbook doing it, and I would imagine more would do so if we built in a path to promoting them on our website.

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I wonder, to split the the general features / developer features sections, we had a suggestion here to make the dev section dark. I actually mocked it up that way to start (see quick screenshot from that earlier version) but pulled it because I was worried it’d interfere with the ability to do a dark mode. But I was looking around when the topic came up here, and I think we probably could still have a good differentiation in dark mode while keeping this section dark. What do you think?

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Yes! The split landing page was what I was thinking. But I know people would scan for the “Download” keyphrase too I think. But I think a download link could still point to the landing page that includes HW purchases.

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Thank you it really helps to see this visually :slight_smile: I flipped the logos to go under the headers so they are closer to the text of the app they belong to, and I messed with the button text :slight_smile: WDYT?