Fedora Registry or Fedora ''normal'' package

Hi, guys!

I realized that many packages on the GNOME Software on Fedora 34 are in a repository called ‘‘registry’’, that seems to be related with containers. Should i prefer those over ‘‘normal’’ packages?


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This question is very hard to answer. It’s about your personal preference
There is, like with everything, pros and cons for using “sandboxed” apps like flatpaks and snaps

Some pros:

  • Apps are isolated and access to file systems, devices and data can be tighly restricted or controlled (in theory!)
  • makes it easy to distribute the app and its dependencies

Some cons:

  • It makes the apps (and thus your system) require a lot of space
  • Apps usually start slower
  • You quickly start installing flatpaks from random sources that may not be peer-reviewed (flathub.org)

My guess is that you will see this type of software distribution more and more in the near future.

Fyi, in Gnome Software, you can also change the source of your app from registry or flathub to rpm (if package is available in both).

EDIT: Flathub documentation has a few more reasons why to use flatpaks: https://docs.flatpak.org/en/latest/introduction.html#reasons-to-use-flatpak