Fedora Ops Architect Weekly

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Welcome to June! And this week’s Fedora ops architect weekly. Read on for a roundup of some events, topics and F41 changes happening in Fedora.


Devconf.cz is next wee June 13th – 15th! Add your name to our coordination wiki if you would like to meet up with some fellow fedorans, and you can also join the matrix room too to stay connected.

Fedora Week of Diversity is also just around the corner, on June 17th – 22nd. Lots to look forward to in that event celebrating our vibrant community so make sure to join the main event on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June, and keep an eye out during the week for great content showcasing how diverse and beautiful Fedoras community is.

Flock to Fedora is set for August 7th – 10th in Rochester, NY, USA. Notifications for talk acceptances should be landing in your in inboxes any day now, if not already, so do keep an eye out and check your spam folder(s) just in case they end up there.

Fedora Linux 41 Development

We are now fully into development for F41, so here are some important dates for change proposals, with other key dates and milestones can be found on the release schedule.

  • June 19th – Changes requiring infrastructure changes
  • June 25th – Changes requiring mass rebuild
  • June 25th – System Wide changes
  • July 16th – Self Contained changes

Announced Changes

A full list of the current F41 accepted changes can be found by visiting the Change Set page.

Hot Topics

Its not too late to share your feedback on the F40 release cycle – a survey is live until Monday June 10th, find it at this link and please help us understand what works well for Fedora and what aspects you think could use a little refinement.

There is also a discussion post on the right kind of questions we should be surveying our community on when it comes to AI. The feedback period will close on Monday 10th June and the survey on AI and Fedora will go live to our community the week of June 17th .

And finally, but not by any means least, the Git Forge Evaluation is underway with an investigation team forming under Tomas Hckra of CPE, FESCo and general Engineer Extraordinaire. There is a discussion topic live asking for people to give their availability who want to also be involved in looking into the technical aspects of Forgejo and GitLab for Fedora, so please check it out. A very important note too – if you have not already done so, please share your requirements for a git forge in the investigation teams repository (ironically on pagure…for now).

Help Wanted

Test Days

Rawhide test days happening from 6th – 11th June. Get involved with QA and the F41 release by helping run some tests and recording your results. More information can be found by reading Sumantro Mukherjee’s email, and by visiting the test day events calendar.

As always, package reviews are most helpful so if you can spare a few minutes to help a fellow contributor, please do.