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And what a week it was! Fedora Linux 40 got the ‘GO’ at the Go/No-Go meeting on Thursday so that means a brand new release of Fedora Linux is arriving to you tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd April!

Read on to hear about other exciting Fedora news 🙂

CfPs & Events

Flock to Fedora

The CfP for Flock to Fedora has been extended until Monday April 29th, so dont delay if you have been thinking about submitting something – here is your chance!


Devconf.us is returning this year in Boston, MA from August 14th – 16th. Their cfp is closing today, so get it in quick if you have had something in draft.

Fedora Linux 41

Now that F40 is releasing, attention will be on the development of F41 which has been happening for a while now. Here are some deadlines for all you change proposal enthusiasts, and for other key dates like the beginning of the Beta freeze and mass rebuild, please view the release schedule.

  • June 19th – Changes requiring infrastructure changes
  • June 25th – Changes requiring mass rebuild
  • June 25th – System Wide changes
  • July 16th – Self Contained changes

If you are unsure of how to propose a change, there is some excellent documentation and video tutorial to help, and you can always reach out directly to me too.

Changes currently in discussion are:

A full list of the already accepted changes for Fedora Linux 41 can be found on the change set page too.


The F40 elections will begin soon! There are some changes to this cycle, which you can read about them in more detail in the Elections blog post coming later this week and do consider nominating yourself or someone you think would be a great person on Council, FESCo, Mindshare or EPEL when the nominations page is live. Please do make sure the person you are nominating is on board with their nomination too 🙂

Help Wanted

Help is always greatly appreciated.We also have some packages needing some new maintainers and others needing reviews. See below links to adopt and review packages!

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The link to the “Orphaned Packages” mailing list post is for the report from December 18, not the one from yesterday - you might want to point it at the current one :slight_smile:

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