Fedora Nvidia Tearing (on high gpu load or in game) (wayland and Xorg)


Since I’m using an optimus laptop, I encounter a huge tearing issue when my GPU hit the 70 degrees.

I already had this issue in the past with a desktop and it just needed to disable an option in the Nvidia panel but on my laptop, there is almost no option for my GPU.

Here is my configuration :

GPU : RTX 3050 laptop
CPU : Ryzen 7 6800HS creator edition
RAM : 32GB ram DDR5

Fedora 36
Proprietary driver from RPMfusion
Kernel 5.19.7

A video that describe that bug : NvidiaTearingBug

Does anyone knows how to fix that kind of tearing without the option from the Nvidia panel since they aren’t avalible to me on both Xorg and Wayland ?


I found a little improvement with power mode of my laptop.

but still it’s heating way too fast and still stutter if too demanding.

here my little patch about it for Lenovo laptops (it works on mine but maybe not on some other laptops.)