Fedora multiple versions of add-ons

there are multiple versions of add-ons installed in the fedora 35 workstation. can it cause problems? how to remove older versions?

Hi, look like they are from flatpak packages. It’s happen because, let says you have app A and B. The app A need Gnome platform 40 and the app B need Gnome platform 41. If this what happen, there should be no worries. If you remove the older one and the app A still need it, the chance the app A will broken.

You could check with flatpak list on terminal. You should see Gnome Application Platform version 40 and 41.

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Thank you for the insight.
There are also some kde application platform addons. I was surprised since it is a gnome desktop env. Is it ok to have it?

That is also because some of your flatpak app need that. For me, that is the benefit of flatpak. If the app are specific build for KDE, with that kde platform from flatpak, the app will work smoothly.

Btw, sometime if the app already removed, the runtime platform will still there. For me, as long as I have enough disk space, I’ll leave it there in case in future there will a new packages I install need that and I don’t need to download again the runtime platform during the installation.

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awesome. cheers!

You can use this command to remove unused Flatpak bits:

flatpak uninstall --unused


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