Fedora install integrity

The media check on the fedora live usb makes sure that every file in it is proper , does fedora Silverblue/workstation have any way of determining integrity of system after the install?
Does the installer anaconda check out every file (or in the case of Silverblue the image) before completing the installation?

Related to Is there any way of checking whole system integrity on Silverblue?

There is work in progress regarding this to use composefs but it hasn’t landed yet.

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Maybe a silly question: can we kill the spins versions in alltogether and setup a netboot xyz like system that we can use in general with the web installer if gets ready? That would mean easily maintainable core solution that directly bootable over the net, or can be launched from anything. Back in the time, we had Satelite installer, why on earth can’t we have similar where the installer settings determine what you get? I think it would be much more compact and reliable. Or not?