Fedora fails to detect lid closure

Hi all, I’ve been looking around for a solution but can’t get it to work

System: Lenovo V145-15AST
OS Fedora Linux 35 Workstation

The system detects properly the lid closure and it gets reported here
state: closed

however the laptop never enters suspend state when I close the lid, it will eventually go to sleep after the time configured in GNOME elapses so the system is capable of sleeping, it’s just that gnome power manager fails to read the lid properly

evtest never reports any event for /dev/input/event0 which is the Lid Switch

and I keep getting this message in journalctl
Nov 25 23:24:36 fedora kernel: ACPI: button: More than one Lid device found!

There are no external monitors connected to the laptop. BIOS is the latest available for this laptop in Lenovo’s website: 8ZCN27WW (V2.06) released 03 Feb 2021.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Hi, it’s happen since the beginning of the installation or after some upgrade? Since the journal said about kernel, maybe it’s happen on newer kernel only after some upgrade.

it is a fresh install, previously I had the pre installed windows 10.

Interestingly though… there is only one folder within
and it’s LID0

and evtest only lists one lid

No device specified, trying to scan all of /dev/input/event*
Available devices:
/dev/input/event0: Lid Switch
/dev/input/event1: Power Button
/dev/input/event2: Power Button
/dev/input/event3: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard
/dev/input/event4: Video Bus
/dev/input/event5: Synaptics TM3336-002
/dev/input/event6: Ideapad extra buttons
/dev/input/event7: PC Speaker
/dev/input/event8: HDA ATI HDMI HDMI/DP,pcm=3
/dev/input/event9: HD-Audio Generic Mic
/dev/input/event10: HD-Audio Generic Headphone
/dev/input/event11: EasyCamera: EasyCamera
Select the device event number [0-11]:

so I don’t understand why the journal says that it detected more than one lid.