Fedora Discussion ➜ Fedora Chat bridge now active

Hi everyone! I have configured the Matrix integration for Discourse, so that Discussion posts can be echoed to channels on Fedora Chat.

As you can hopefully see, if you are on Matrix, I have this set up for the Announcements category and the matching Announcements room. If you’d like me to set this up for your team, let me know by posting in Site Help & Feedback.[1]

I’m hoping this helps our sometimes-far-apart-feeling communications platforms feel more connected!

  1. We can configure rules based on new posts in team tags and categories, or on @group mentions. This can include only the first post in a topic, or replies too. ↩︎


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Neato. What is the bridge in this case? Is it based on feeds or webhooks, or another thing? And does it do the topic, or replies as well? :slight_smile:

It’s a built-in plugin for Discourse. We could also implement it with webhooks I’m sure (and maybe will at some point if we want more sophsticated filtering or something).

It can include either just the first post or that plus replies. Everything I’ve configured so far is just the first post. I’m cautious about overwhelming channels…



The last time I looked at that list, it was:

  • Slack
  • Mattermost
  • Rocket.Chat

They’ve been busy, and now I know! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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