Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #421: How do we track and manage efforts and tasks that span longer timelines?

@jflory7 filed Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #421. Discuss here and record votes and decisions in the ticket.

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I haven’t had a chance to review yesterday’s meeting, but I’m not convinced that an issue tracker isn’t the best place to track longer-term work. (As an aside, I do agree that things that are more “we should discuss ideas” shouldn’t be tickets. For example, this conversation is not yet ticket-ready, IMO)

GitLab does present a possibility, since we can create effort-specific repos for things that have multiple steps along the way. But if something is essentially one step, just a very long step, then the current model works.

This kind of overlaps with the other conversation — mixing long-work tickets with things we need the Council to act or vote on. If we can present them in a way that easily separates things, I’m okay with tickets.

In addition to “we should discuss” tickets, I also don’t want a lot of “this would be a good idea” or “someone should (or even just could) do this, but no one has time / is committed / is interested” tickets. One can already throw a metaphorical rock in a random direction and hit several wonderful things we could and should do.

I’m wondering more about the option of having a single “tickets” repository, but relying on a kanban project board to organize the things that are urgent, need discussion or votes, or are in the backlog.