Fedora 40 (Rawhide): Black screen after rebooting with Kernel 6.8 RC

Good afternoon, I have the same problem - black screen after reboot. But if you turn off and on everything is ok. Have you solved the problem? (Rayzen7 7700, RX 7700 xt)

No. Actually, I don’t have a solution. I’m not using Rawhide ISO anymore. I’m with Fedora 39 now, but here there is also this issue with kernel 6.7.3 and 6.7.4.

They are investigating and as I read the issue still exists in kernel 6.8 rc5.

Don’t know and didn’t try yet.

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In the nobara, everything really works.
Pic - error screenshot, in other distributions the same thing happens :slight_smile: Strange that they don’t fix it…

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Yes, Nobara did it and it works there … :thinking:


I wrote that too, maybe they’ll pay attention

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Fingers crossed … :wink:

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