Fedora 39 Server: yum install iptables-service failed

Hi, for testing scope I installed Fedora 39, CentOS 9 and RH 9.
I have older system with 6 very important XEN VM. The Host is a Centos 6.8 with xen.
I need to renew hardware and host system. This is my purpose to testing the systems named before.
With CentOS and RH I can’t find the right repositories for XEN but only for KVM. With Fedora it’s better but I can’t find the repo for iptables-service.
Does anyone know the right repo?

You should be able to replace XEN with libvirt and see no performance issues I understand.

Running sudo dnf search iptables shows me that there is a iptables-services package.

But these days firewall features are managed by firewalld by default and you may not need to manage your own iptables rules, depending on the complexity of your setup.

I disabled firewalld. On my server I wrote many lines of iptables… I’d like to continue using my rules.
I had used the search command without understanding the repository.
I will try to verify your suggestion for libvirt. Thank you