Fedora 39 :Nvidia kernel module missing, Falling back to nouveau

I don’t have much time for games too but I am a guy who loves trying out new things and linux was one of those things.

I got to know about linux when searching for an alternative to windows 11 (because it had many system requirements that my system just couldn’t fulfill) . I got to know about how almost all servers run on linux and how the linux project started and has turned into. Then I immediately installed it.

But then nvidia…

Anyways I plan to use fedora because it’s official and nobara won’t cut it for me. It support newer drivers not the 470.xx drivers.

Glad you found Linux Command (LC) useful. I should mention that in addition to being useful understanding and sorting problems, many users who haven’t read LC don’t realize that they can use loops to automate repetitive tasks. I’ve been involved in remote sensing where the same list of operations is often applied to 1000’s of files. There are users who spend days cutting and pasting filenames where they could do for f in $(ls <pattern>) ; do <process_file> $f ; done and avoid suffering from repetitive strain injuries.

That’s what we get for not using the almighty :star2:Terminal!:star2:.

I am still a student so I am still learning new things.
I got to know about linux some time in January. And I-have-been-Hooked.

There’s so much stuff to learn and I like it.
I wanted to learn to code so I could make websites for my school because the current one is plain bad but in the process I got to learn alot of stuff there too. I was about to finish html on w3school.com and move on to CSS but the driver incident happened and my pc is not working till I get my pendrive on 15th February.

Anyways that’s some backstory about why I switched to linux and am learning to code. There was another reason too about the system requirements for windows 11 and the end of support stuff for windows 10. These were major reasons too.

I thought there was no help here but the fedora discussion is as active as ever. Responding to people quickly and giving them advice all for free. It’s kind of like a dream on windows :sweat_smile:. They don’t have many people constantly helping apart from YouTube’s.

I have gotten the pendrive I ordered. I flashed it and installed the os on my pc.

I then proceeded to do
sudo dnf update
Then it took all of my data limit for the day . Then I finally did the nvidia driver install the ‘right way’ and proceeded to download it and give it 20 mins to apply the downloads and all and then I restarted.

I want to point out that, and I learned this today that, you can change the session to x11 on the login screen and I was like :exploding_head:. Everything clicked in place and I now knew that I had not know to switch the session to x11.

The drivers finally work now. Yay! :tada:
Any post install settings I should know?

I hope new comers see this reply and they are like: wait what!?

It was all caused due to a single session button. Damm

I also want to state that during the login page it becomes super slow. Does the login screen use wayland?

This seems a separate issue and should be handled in a new thread.

:white_check_mark: I will end this one one. See you in the next thread