Fedora 38 Issues with Atlantic Kernel Module for Aquantia Chipset

I have an older Thunderbolt 10G Network Adapter, and I was/am having issues getting the ethernet portion of it recognized. I know it is using either the aqc107 or aqc108 chipset. This should normally be found as part of the atlantic kernel module which has been included since I beleive the 4.11 kernel. Needless to say I expected it to work out of the box with Fedora and instead I discovered that the only driver listed in /lib/modules/6.5.5-200.fc38.x86_64/modules.networking is the aqc111.ko . Before I go roll a self compiled kernel or module, why would just one of the drivers be compiled as part of the default kernel and modules? Is this just how Fedora does things? Should I file a bug report? I mean the aqc107 and aqc108 series is fairly common. Any guidance in this matter would be appreciated. Thanks.