Fedora 38 Backups with simple filesystem to accesss

Hi There

I search a good backup application on fedora 38, plasma.

I tried Deja Dup, but this application saves the backups as archives or somethin like that.

What i really want is an incremental backup with my “timestamps” → But i need the files to be simply accesible in a directory and accessible as files / folders. I like to search or use single files in the backup later, without “restoring somethin officially”.
Somebody who knows a good source app?

Perhaps i could use a bash script, but i don’t really want that.$

kind regards

You can use Grsync if you need GUI, otherwise consider rsnapshot or own script for rsync.

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I use restic (https://restic.net/) for this. While the backups are stored in an archive type format, it has a command that allows you to mount any backup and access the files just as you would any other file on your hard drive.

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