Fedora 37 and Kubernetes Notes

Fedora 37 provides Kubernetes 1.25 as rpms in the official repository. The upstream Kubernetes team recently shifted to using Go language v1.20.x as the current standard go version for all supported versions of Kubernetes, including v1.25.

At this time, Fedora 37 provides Go v1.19.x and will not shift to Go v1.20 until September. Go 1.19 is blocking updates to Kubernetes on F37 due to the change from upstream.

There is a COPR repository for recent builds of Kubernetes 1.27 on Fedora 37 (and 38) at https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/buckaroogeek/copr-k8s-1.25/.

Kubernetes v1.25.13 with security fixes for CVE-2023-3955 and CVE-2023-3676 is available (once the build completes) in the COPR repository.

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I recently took of some of the prometheus packages, but haven’t gotten around to really digging into them.
If you have working builds in COPR, I would really appreciate it if you opened PRs and could assist with getting the packages updated across the current Fedora versions

Which prometheus packages are these? My past experience with prometheus has been as a casual user installing this via manifest or helm chart in a local kubernetes cluster. Fedora packages would seem to target a direct OS install rather than the kubernetes specific installation methods?

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Thanks to the efforts of Alejandro, Go has been updated on Fedora 37 allowing Kubernetes updates to resume. Kubernetes 1.25.15 has been submitted to testing and will be generally available in one week.

Monitor https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/kubernetes for current status of stable and testing for Kubernetes.

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