Fedora 36 KDE Spin no monitor output of SDDM after logout

I have recently installed the KDE spin of Fedora 36. Everything has been running well but I have been running into one issue were when I attempt to logout of KDE instead of going to SDDM my monitors cycle through the input sources and I get no signal. I am running the wayland version of KDE with mesa drivers on a AMD RX 6600 GPU.

Edit: I am running a dual monitor setup so idk if that makes a difference

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have you updated your os to the latest patches availabe till the date…
if so i think dual monitor is the issue maybe how you have connected yoir monitor 1st and second one.
dp or hdmi.

Hello Martin

Everything is up to date as I just did a sudo dnf update

Both monitors are connected to displayports and I tried logging out with monitor on and still no signal.

Hi, try running sudo dnf distrosync just to be sure you don’t have any rolled back updates.
Do you have sddm-wayland-plasma installed? It didn’t work well with second screen when I tested it in exchange for sddm-x11.
Generally multi-monitor setups are still buggy on KDE Wyland (x11 is fine) . It’s getting better, but not yet at x11 or KwinFT+Disman level.

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Hello I have tried the distrosync command and I was up to date I also uninstalled sddm-x11 and installed the sddm-wayland-plasma. The difference now is that instead of my monitors going through the input sources it just stays at my display port with nothing to show.

Edit: I reread your comment and before I changed to the wayland sddm package this has all been happening on the sddm-x11 package

Turns out it’s widespread issue, subscribe here: 2116525 – KDE/sddm black screen on logout, sddm-helper error 6
You can downgrade sddm, avoid logging out until this is fixed or, if it’s of use to you, consider enabling user switching Missing "Switch user" button on the lock screen - #4 by grumpey