Fedora 32 freezes with Wayland

Fedora 32 freezes entirely sometime (about 2 - 4 ) after the boot. When freezed fan is spinning fast.
I am having an NVidia card on a laptop. Had to disable Wayland. But since X11 have poor security I am not fond of it. Anyway to make Wayland work with NVidia card?

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NVIDIA cards can work on Wayland in theory but with no prime support. I have folks working with it using the X11 wrapper for Wayland (which people fondly like to call “Run with Dedicated Graphics Card”) where the desktop environment and the windowing system are all rendered with the integrated graphics card while you can select to run specific applications with the discrete card.

Wayland is built on the foundations of X11 and improves upon it but it would be some time before it gets the support for NVIDIA cards on laptops. Prime support is X11 exclusive for now. About the “poor security” that you were talking about, it had been in almost all X windowing systems since a lot of time now - mostly behaving like a top-level networking client-server desktop protocol.

Wayland is a different story (but not completely as it takes the good in X11) and keeps it low-level and restricted to your PC only. This is a bitter-sweet, keeping in mind how snappy and agile it can be while being totally alienated to stuff like VNC and buffer redrawing (in games like Minecraft). It might look like an adoption issue but I would say that Wayland was maybe designed like that.

The following articles might help you

  1. RPM Fusion NVIDIA How-to Guide
  2. How to Set NVIDIA as Primary GPU On Optimus-based Laptops
  3. NVIDIA Auto Installer for Fedora

I have couple of questions

  • Does your tool download the drivers from official NVidia website?

  • Will I be able to switch to Wayland after installing the proprietary driver?

The tool uses the RPM Fusion repository for the driver installation and not the binary from the official website. It simply automates the process of adding repositories, fetching updates and installing stuff to make it easy for the end user. Installing drivers with the RUN file obtained from the official NVIDIA website is NOT recommended as the RUN installer is distro-agnostic and it might generate configurations which do not fall in line with those of Fedora.

You will be on Wayland after the proprietary driver is installed so no switching is required. Do keep in mind, that this configuration is not a NVIDIA PRIME (i.e. the integrated GPU would be used for most of the stuff and you can pick specific applications to be run using your NVIDIA GPU)

I installed the driver according to instructions given here, but when I ran the browser or emulator using the card, but nvidia-settings show GPU Utilization : 0%. It seems card is not used.

How could I fix this problem?

I want NVidia card to be used for the Android Emulator and integrated card to be used for usual activities.

If you are using an Optimus-based laptop, you would need to enable PRIME configuration to use your discrete GPU for most of the tasks.

Please do read the above articles.

I also installed did the stuff from 2 link. I tried re-enabling Wayland it seems it fallback to x11 as mentioned here

We will change GDM to use wayland by default for GNOME. The code will automatically fall back to Xorg in cases where wayland is unavailable (like nvidia).

Wayland will NOT work with Prime Configuration. Hybrid configuration might work with Wayland (highly unlikely).