Failed to upgrade to 31 by command line

Hi all,

I do not find any topic to help me about my issue during the upgrade from fedora 30 to fedora 31.
I try to do the upgrade via the terminal.
I follow these steps:

  1. install the last version of all my programs by using the command

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

  1. install the upgrade plugin

sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade

  1. download the packages of Fedora 31

sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=31

  1. Reboot the computer

sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

Everything is working well until the 3rd step. I get the following errors:

Problem: package python2-pyglet-1.3.2-3.fc29.noarch requires python2-future, but none of the providers can be installed

  • python2-future-0.17.0-2.fc30.noarch does not belong to a distupgrade repository
  • problem with installed package python2-pyglet-1.3.2-3.fc29.noarch
    (try to add ‘–skip-broken’ to skip uninstallable packages)

Does someone know why there is these errors? Are these plugins mandatory for the use of Fedora?

Kind regards,

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Those are lijely some old packages which were pulled in as a dependencies before. I see one is even from Fedora 29.

Try uninstalling those mentioned packages first and then re-trying upgrade


Do you have the command lines to uninstall properly these packages ?

sudo dnf remove python2-pyglet

@fasulia just rpm remove and also check yum and dnf remove command!

  # rpm -e python2-pyglet-1.3.2-3.fc29.noarch
  # dnf autoremove python2-pyglet

Do you use the sudo before?

What does the command exactly?

Automated removals such as dnf and yum can remove dependencies or other programs, which can be useful when removing a single program.