F41 Plasma_6 dnfdragora Crashes kde-live 20240514 ISO

It is not possible to remove dnf5 stuff anymore. The app crashes instantly.
Plasma-discover does not fit rpm architecture.

Please fix it,

dnf5 is still not ready for mainstream use. It is still in development and has already been pushed back from f39 to f40 and now is included in rawhide but I don’t know its stability. Your use amounts to testing the new software and bugs such as that should be properly reported.

I suggest that you instead use the old standby that is very stable – dnf or dnf-3 (they are the same since dnf is linked to dnf-3)

I also suggest that you report rawhide issues on the mailing list since this forum is for discussion of the released versions and rawhide is a development version.

Added fedora-rawhide