F38 Boot Time


I noticed a slight increase in boot time going from F37 to F38—nothing overwhelming or crazy long; everything just felt like it was taking a little bit longer—so I ran systemd-analyze blame and systemd-analyze plot to see what might be going on… And, well, I saw a lot of entries I never noticed before using that tool.

Can anyone provide me some documentation and point me in the right direction to figure out what all this about?

Thanks, in advance. You can see my plot here.

Yes the performance is a bit slower also compared to other distributions not just the boot time. YouTube’ers already pointed out the performance loss.

(sorry the video is in portuguese but the numbers are inernational :wink: )
Fedora 38 colocou o Ubuntu no bolso dessa vez - Review - YouTube

Thanks for catching those typos; I edited the post just in case someone comes along with a similar question.

I don’t find the performance any slower with F38 and actually find it seems to run a bit better than F37 on my machine… Nothing empirical, just anecdotal.

I’ve never seen entries in systemd-analyze blame about tty’s or serial’s before; any clue where I can find some info about what’s going on there?

Might be this:

Thanks for that link; it was an interesting read and I’m not sure it is my issue because my /etc/fstab btrfs entries contain no discard=async entry like those posters reference.

Again, I want to stress for anyone coming across this thread that my boot times are absolutely not “ridiculous.” I’m looking at under eight seconds in my systemd-analyze blame for the “worst offenders.”

I just looked at mine and I see that the system takes about 5-6 seconds to configure all the devices in /dev disks(4 HDD [3 are raid5], 1 NVME, 1 BD/DVD drive), TTYs (32), and everything else. This does push back activating the root file system (on nvme) for 9 seconds from the beginning of the kernel load.

Total boot time from the kernel loading is ~16 seconds. (+ an additional 49 seconds with firmware and boot loader).

The really interesting thing is that now with systemd-analyze plot I can see that the firmware takes ~20 seconds and the grub loader takes ~30 seconds before the timer starts at 0 seconds with the kernel loading. I don’t recall seeing that shown earlier either.

I wonder why we have so many ttys…

Anytime you run ls /dev you can see all the devices that are identified and configured during boot.

I thought that, in past versions of systemd-analyze it lumped those details into a single line about configuring devices, not itemized as they are now: However, I just checked my F37 system and see the same level of detail except the time for the firmware and boot loader are not displayed on F37.

I never recall seeing so many, but I also profess to not really running those commands all that frequently; in fact, I only ran systemd-analyze blame because of the update… Long ago I got into the habit of doing it after every major upgrade.