F37 Server Kickstarter example to encrypt root fs using Stratis

Greetings all,

I’m wanting to test out Stratis and was wondering if anyone has a set of instructions for generating an encrypted root filesystem on F37 Server with Stratis from a kickstarter file. If someone could point me to a sample starting point, that would be fantastic. Otherwise, I’ll be left manually piecing the steps together from the various RH, Fedora and Stratis docs.

I’m looking to automate VM generation utilizing encrypted Stratis pooling and a Tang server for the automatic unlock key. This is the first use I’ve had for a custom kickstart file, as all my prior installations I ran interatively, since heretofore all my VMs were a base Server with a specific server package added to each instance.


Greetings again,

So, lacking any pointers here and after much trial and error plus 2 added notes from @jbaublitz on the stratisd github repository, I’ve got a working process.

I’m in the midst of a full process howto starting with a running machine, using the F37 server KVM disk image as a VM starting point for new instances, outlining all the steps to create new VM instances with Stratis encrypted root filesystems.

I’ll post a link once I get the editing done.