F35 elections nominations now open

Originally published at: F35 elections nominations now open – Fedora Community Blog

Today we are starting the Nomination & Campaign period during which we accept nominations to the “steering bodies” of the following teams:

This period is open until 2021-11-17 at 23:59:59 UTC.

Candidates may self-nominate. If you nominate someone else, please check with them to ensure that they are willing to be nominated before submitting their name.

The steering bodies are currently selecting interview questions for the candidates.

Nominees submit their questionnaire answers via a private Pagure issue. The Election Wrangler or their backup will publish the interviews to the Community Blog before the start of the voting period.

Please note that the interview is mandatory for all nominees. Nominees not having their interview ready by end of the Interview period (2021-11-24) will be disqualified and removed from the election.

As part of the campaign people may also ask questions to specific candidates on the appropriate mailing list.

The full schedule of the elections is available on the Elections schedule. For more information about the elections, process see the Elections docs.

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You stlll have a few days to nominate yourself or someone else for a seat on Council, FESCo, or Mindshare. Note that FESCo will be filling a 6th seat for a half-term, so at least one more candidate is needed.

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Today is the last day to submit nominations.

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