F34 on Raspberry: set gpu_mem


I would like to reduce the gpu_mem to 8mb. But gpu_mem=8 in /etc/efi/config.txt seems to have no effect. Where can I Change the gpu_mem?

Thanks in advance

Which pi are you using?
I have the 4B with 8G RAM and see no reason to mess with mem config on it. In fact the 4B has 2 4K HDMI ports and I suspect that reducing video memory like you want would kill the display on it.

Also, gpu_mem of 8Mb seems awfully small for any device. It certainly would not support graphics with that little memory.

The lowest value that you can set for gpu_mem on a RPi 4B is a 16MB. If you set it to be 8MB, it is going to amp it up to have the lowest default value of 16MB.

You would want to set such a small value only if you are using your installation “headlessly”. Please stick to the defaults like @computersavvy mentioned if you are using your installation with a display.

I’m running F34 on a rpi3 with 1GB RAM and rpi4 with 2GB RAM. Both are running headless without camera. So there is no need for more gpu_mem. Currently 256M are assigned to gpu_mem, no matter which value is set in config.txt.
If 16MB is the lowest possible, this would be ok. but gpu_mem = 16M