Exclude a specific software from a package group: What is the command to type?

In Debian, when I wish to exclude a specific software from a package group, I would type the following command as in the example below:

sudo apt install lxqt-core pavucontrol-

The hyphen/dash after the software called pavucontrol tells apt to not install it.

Is there an equivalent command in Fedora?

I tried the command below and it didn’t work:

sudo dnf install @lxqt falkon-

Fedora fails to recognize falkon-

Try reading man dnf. You are looking for ‘exclude’

Dnf and apt use totally different syntax.


Thanks Jeff for the tip.

According to Using the DNF software package manager, to exclude a package from being installed, I can use the following command:

sudo dnf install @lxqt --exclude=falkon