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Today I would like to raise such a topic as an application called Evernote, until today I have always used and will continue to use such a program as Evernote. I recently switched from Windows to Fedora, and suddenly noticed that they do not support Linux systems, I felt very hurt and sad, I can survive without some of the programs that were on Windows, but without it, I feel without hands.
Please contact them and I know that you can port the application to Linux in the best possible way, I hope you

Hi @twilight97i , welcome to the community. Please do take a look at the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you haven’t had a chance yet.

Could you, as a paying customer, please contact them and ask them to support Linux?

We cannot port the application to Linux—it is proprietary software, so its source code is not available.

That brings me to: Fedora is an Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) community so we would very much prefer if our users used FOSS tools. There are a number of excellent bibliography managers available that are FOSS and support Linux. Off the top of my head:

Please read about the Fedora community’s foundations here:

The community can help with some proprietary tools that are meant to run on Linux, but we’re not able to help with proprietary tools that don’t support Linux at all. As a paying customer, you will have to speak to them to ask them how to run their tool on Linux.


They have a web interface you can use with any browser.

As @ankursinha said, this won’t ever come to Fedora due to its proprietary nature.

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As stated, you can always use Evernote in the browser.

But maybe (!) you want to think about leaving evernote alltogether. (One of my best decisions in 2022). Because Evernote holds your data “hostage” - and the company has evolved in a way (for me at least), that I don’t support anymore.

If you like how Evernote is layouted you will dig Joplin.

Joplin can import all your notebooks - and you are back in control of your data. (All is saved locally. Even in Markdown if you like).

I personally went with Obsidian. As I was on a “Personal Knowledge Management” journey that time anyway. For me it works like charme. :slight_smile:

Joplin and Obsidian can also be found in the “software” repository of fedora.

Happy linux and fedora journey!


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I’ve heard good things about Obsidian, but even though it’s free for personal use, it isn’t FOSS :frowning:

True that. But if I had to choose between evernote and obsidian - I go with obisidian all the time. They are not FOSS, it’s true. But they got a great helpful community. And they have at least some kind of future proofness - as they offer things to buy.

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Just for the sake of completeness, Evernote was testing a Linux app as a private beta for paying customers but gave up on it. “Use the web interface”, they said.

Regarding data hostage, yes, I agree somewhat, but unlike some other proprietary alternatives at least they allow exporting in a reusable format, ENEX.