EPEL 10 status update

Executive summary

EPEL 10 is expected to be launched in Q4 of 2024. You may start noticing parts of the infrastructure coming online sooner than that. Please do not start creating EPEL 10 builds until we announce that we are ready for packagers to start building.

Detailed description

The EPEL Steering Committee has big plans for EPEL 10. These plans are covered in detail in the original EPEL 10 proposal. I also presented an EPEL 10 overview at the Fedora 40 release party. At a high level, we are bringing minor versions to EPEL. I encourage you to read the proposal or watch that video for a deeper explanation.

I’m writing this post to share our planned timeline for EPEL 10, and to set expectations for the coming months. Early CentOS Stream 10 composes are already available, but it hasn’t been officially launched yet because the content set is still in flux. We expect to see the official launch announcement for CentOS Stream 10 later this year. We intend to align the EPEL 10 launch with that, which will give us the following approximate timeline.

  • August 2024: EPEL 10 hackfest at Flock (see below for more details)
  • Q4 2024: expected launch of CentOS Stream 10 and EPEL 10
  • Q2 2025: expected launch of RHEL 10 (three years after RHEL 9)

In the months ahead, you may notice parts of EPEL 10 infrastructure coming online, such as build targets in Koji and releases in Bodhi. We will need these infrastructure pieces in place to work out all of the details of integrating minor versions. We’ll send out an announcement when EPEL 10 is ready for package maintainers to start creating their builds. Please do not start creating EPEL 10 builds until we announce that we are ready for packagers to start building. Any builds created before this announcement may need to be discarded and rebuilt.

I will be running an EPEL 10 Hackfest at Flock in August (next month). The plan is to work on various infrastructure pieces related to EPEL 10. If we happen to have most of these pieces working prior to the hackfest, we can pivot our time to adding initial packages to EPEL 10. I hope to see you there!


The EPEL 10 hackfest at Flock has been scheduled for Friday, August 9th, from 2pm to 6pm.


Really looking forward to the EPEL 10 changes, Carl.

Thanks to you and the rest of everyone working to make this happen!

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