Don't use Linux?

Hi Fedora community,
today , I read an interesting article, which addresses insecurities in a standard desktop Linux or GNU/Linux distribution.What does the community think? Are these points valid? Do these apply to Fedora ?

Watch in my view security is not a absolute term. The security is actually depends on the users usage and technicalities.
Due to the opensource nature linux is more secure when it comes to privacy data collection by big tech and company put security holes for agencys like cia and so on…now some says it is the biggest security issue…as it is out of the box insecure as it have a access to microsoft or google…
This is not the case for linux it is opensource and kernel is designed to be secure. Though microkernels are more secure but there no such option redox on working on. But linux kernel has a good codebase thanks to linus.
Now comes to sandboxing yes this is true that linux most desktop os does not have a good sandboxing.
In my usage linux is more secure thn windows because most apps are opensource and trusted and installation style is also different app store or package manager.
Sandboxing flatpak<snap
If you want a better snadboxing install snap.
But noone provide a true sandboxing like android level.

Nothing is full proof but i think linux have a far better security when you compare with windows, mac os, chrome os.

If you want a good secure os try qubes os or if you know you can run stuff in docker also and kvm is also a option if you want.
And rhel and suse they paid and you are sure that they provide patches which are needed this are most used os in corporate world.
X11 is actually have security issue as it was not developed security at mind so we already have wayland in major distros and DEs rhel arch fedora ubuntu opensuse with gnome kde all use wayland by default and use xwayland to run x11 apps. So x11 is not a issue.
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