Dolphin freezes for some time after clicking on automounted partition/disk

First of all, I am new to Linux.
I have the bunch of partitions from other internal and external drives, most of them have still NTFS partitions, but two of them are on ext4.
I edited fstab, used UUID, created mount points, with defaults settings, dump 0, diskcheck set at 2. All works fine, they are mounted automatically, PC works fine. However, after each cold boot, if I open Dolphin and click on any of these partitions, Dolphin freezes for 5-10s or something, and become “grey”, then unfreeze and all is ok. If after this I click on any of those partitions, all work just great and fast. There is no difference if I click on ext4 or ntfs. It always freezes. This is normal? I should add something to fstab, besides defaults, to just mitigate this issue?
Drives are sata3 ssd, one nvme, one sata3 hdd over USB 3.1, and one nvme over USB 3.1, but as I said I do not see difference, all freezing Dolphin with click after cold boot.

Thanks for any explanation, help or even a clue. I make a bit of a net search but nothing obvious did comes up. I am on Ryzen 3900x 128GRam and 6800xt so, it should not be a problem of pc speed.

I would not expect freezing either.
Maybe hardware issue?
Maybe drives are spinning up if HDD?

Suggest that you look in 3 places.

sudo dmesg
sudo journalctl --since=<time-just -before-clicking>
journalctl --user --since=<time-just -before-clicking>

Is there anything interesting about disks showing in those logs?


I would try to check if this is related to a network timeout (to some default network shares). Try disabling all network interfaces and reboot with network disabled.

Another simple feedback is to start dolphin from cli and read output there.

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Thank you all for the suggestions, after tinkering, I discovered that one of NVME SSD via USB 3.2 was causing the issue, I changed it in fstab to defaults,noauto, and it is ok now. And now I try to copy all files and make new partitions for it, but it is another issue :slight_smile: Sad thing is that I have to have this one in windows too, so ntfs has to stay. Or maybe I will purchase a program for windows to read ext4, dunno. Thanks for help anyway :slight_smile: