Does anyone have middle mouse scroll? | KDE |

I don’t seem to and not sure how to enable. Cheers!

You have not told enough information to be able to help you.

What desktop environment are you using? Gnome, kde or something else?
Do you mean the mouse wheel or a middle button?
In what apps?

whoops my bad! fedora kde

I just works for me in KDE, I use the mouse wheel to scroll.

You did not answer all my questions.
Also what brand and model of mouse are you using?
I use a microsoft mouse.

Sorry! It’s a ANKO (SINO Wealth mouse) 43030545

I found a manual for the mouse, it’s very basic info.

But it seems that they expect you to install mouse drivers and use an app to setup the mouse. Likely only supported software provided for Windows.

You could try searching on for your mouse and see if others have it working.

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