DNS Broken in Fedora 33 after update

After installing an update recently, my system can no longer resolve addresses. For example, I can’t ping www.google.com, but I can ping

I have a pretty generic setup, HP Pavilion laptop, no VPN, home router with DHCP. I’ve been using this Fedora setup for more than a year without a single issue, and it all came to a screeching halt when I installed an update this week using the software app.

I took some (possibly bad) advice from the internet and modified /etc/systemd/resolved.conf, adding my local router as DNS and Google DNS as fallback. Nothing changed when I did this, but after I issue the command sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved.service it begins to work again, until the next reboot.

Naturally, I now rely on this laptop for some important tasks, so I would be grateful for help in resolving this issue.

It’s an already reported kernel bug. Just take the second kernel from grub, or restart systemd-resolved.service without any other manipulation. Ot you can go back to classical mode by replacing the /etc/resolv.conf symbolic link with a file /etc/resolv.conf containing “nameserver nameserver_address” . Probably the file will be filled in by NetworkManager/DHCP. Disable systemd-resolved in that case. Several possibilities to work around the problem…

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Anyway changing the configuration to set global dns in /etc/systems/resolved.conf doesn’t work as workaround, even if the dns are correctly showing in global. So clearly systemd-resolved needs to be deactivated