DNF's command name inconsistency

DNF has install but it’s opposite action is remove instead of uninstall . Or it has remove but not add.

Why this decision was made?

Hey @inet56

Check out and read the following links:




I’m not sure if removing and uninstall is the same. Maybe with the remove command, not all settings are purged?

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yea but actually you have to use “dnf rm (remove) pkg xyz”

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It was that way, back in DNF’s precursor Yum, and sometimes it’s better to keep consistent even when things don’t quite make sense. I think that Yum probably got those in turn from “Yellowdog Updater”, the program it was based on. Also, the underlying RPM command has:

rpm -U  # update
rpm -i  # install
rpm -e  # erase

… which is also not consistent either with itself or with dnf/yum.


great thx for your explanation! :slight_smile: